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Screen printing is a traditional method of producing printed clothing and printed workwear.

In order to screen print an item the design has to be separate into the component colours.

This is done by vectored design programs such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw.

Each colour has it's own screen and the fine mesh of the screen allow the colour to pass through onto the garment.

Screen printing is the best way to print larger volumes of clothing.


We offer a digital printing service for smaller orders.


What is the best file format and resolution for your artwork?

The best file format to send your artwork in is an AI. (Adobe Indesign) file or high-resolution PSD file.

This means your resolution should be at 300 DPI.

If you can’t send your artwork as an AI or high-res PDF, the next best way is a vector PDF

or a high-resolution PNG or JPEG. If you send artwork files this way,

make sure they are saved at 300 DPI and at the size you want your print to be.


By sending the logo you want as a 3” x 3” left chest over as a 3” x 3” file,
your artwork won't be pixelated being scaled up to a bigger size. 


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